Business Unit Integration



The client acquired a third party company in 2021. Since that time, no detailed reviews and integration had been done. CLP were brought in to identify and assess the problems, and then propose and implement solutions. The reviews and improvements went through the entirety of the unit, from sales, to operations and service. The review covered all costs and revenue streams

Main Challenges:

Given that the newly acquired business unit had been running semi-autonomously since 2021, there was resistance to change from most of the FTE within the unit. There was also a major issue in the quality and source of data for analysis on the costs and revenue. Whilst there were headline figures, low-level data was not centralised or aligned and required manual alignment

Solution Used:

Process reviews and general financial analysis were the first steps. After that, it was an operational review to identify improvements and changes. When the improvements were identified and approved, there were planned in and rolled out


Savings in excess of £300k per year, along with potential back-payments due from suppliers that have overcharged. Operationally, the unit was more complete, with greater tie in between departments (Sales, Delivery and Service), and also uniformity with other, existing business units

Case Study Company Summary

The client is a connectivity-as-a-service provider for mobile and WiFi networks. They have grown both organically and by acquisition fairly rapidly over a relatively short period of time

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