Vendor Management


This UK based mobile operator delivers branded mobile multimedia and communications services in the UK, offering a convergence of media, information and telephony to enable live video calls, multimedia content and entertainment while on the move.

CLPartners had worked with this customer since its inception, providing a range of expertise to support the development and launch of the services that it offers. When the operator elected to outsource its Network and IT capability, Concept Launch Partners was asked to help deliver this ground-breaking project.

CLPartners’ was initially asked to manage the transition activities, ensuring that service levels were maintained whilst the transfer was completed. Specific areas covered included:

  • Management of all day one activities relating to the outsourcing.
  • Management of 3rd party suppliers and vendors on behalf of the client; resolution of critical contractual issues.
  • Liaison with the Outsourcer to ensure that resources and activities were correctly allocated and completed.

As a result of the success of this work, CLPartners were then asked to derive, deliver and document a revised full set of processes spanning the customer and out-source organisation.

Working with key staff from both the customer and the Vendor, these processes (associated with all work passing between the two organisations) were successfully agreed and delivered using one of CLPartners’ innovative delivery templates.

The outsource exercise went far more smoothly than anyone had envisaged – and both our Programme Management and Process Development skills were highly praised – and recognised as being a key part of this success.

Our process template was still referred to (over 3 years later) and used as reference for new staff and where problems arise.

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